CATEREX - Buffet Catering Management System

Caterex is an innovative system that computerizes and integrates every aspect of the catering operation, from sales to procurement, and logistics to finance. A unified platform, it enables seamless information flow between departments and automates the entire operation in order to improve caterers’ efficiency and productivity. Caterex is now a highly sophisticated IT platform that is currently being used by many industry-leading caterers including Neo Garden, Creative Eateries, eCreative Group and Foodtalks Caterer & Manufacturer.

With Caterex, caterers are able to:


Caterex encompasses and integrates 8 catering functions:

Sales management Invoice management
Online ordering Logistic management
Menu/Dish master Kitchen management
Inventory management Payment management

Caterex enables caterers to attain an in depth overview of all aspects of the catering operation, thereby reducing many common pains such as inefficient kitchen planning, time wastage during internal communications & manual work, and inability to track inventory & generate procurement forecasts.


Caterex Mobile App

The Caterex Mobile App assists drivers in managing deliveries. Drivers are able to take pictures on site and instantly upload them to office staff for recording purposes. Apart from this, the Caterex Mobile App also comes with features such as stock-taking, navigation, and voice alerts.