OPTIC PLUS Integrated POS Kiosk & Self-Serice Kiosk

OPTIC PLUS Integrated POS Kiosk & Self-Serice Kiosk

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Integrated POS

The application of a POS terminal is a common scene in every retail corner in the world. The point of sale is often referred to as the point of service because it is not just a point of sale but also a point of return or customer order. As the development of technology, we cater POS software to comply with different retail operations and scale up to multiple functions such as Inventory, CRM, Central Kitchen Procurement, Warehousing, etc.

At GUI Solutions, we believe a POS terminal is more than a transaction & collection terminal, but also is a technology platform that empowers retailers to increase service excellence. That’s why our Integrated POS delivers reliable and powerful features that will set our customers apart from their competitors in retail business.

Integrated Kiosk

At GUI Solutions, except Integrated POS, we provide another solution to computerize retail operation – Self-Service Kiosk System. It is a new way to place order and make payment by guest themselves other than from POS or other mobile terminal. Kiosks are available in addition to cashier stations so that waiting time is reduced for all guests.

The use of kiosk also benefits retailers in the way of fastening cash control and payment control; it enables retailers to increase service efficiency with minimized manpower dependencies especially nowadays when every sector are facing manpower shortage issue. With Self-Service Kiosk, many repetitive tasks such as order taking, bill payment, and many other front end customer services can be automated.

Retail POS

Sell More. Sell Better.
Our Retail POS solution provide small and mid-market retailers with insights of their businesses, empowering them to make quick and confident decisions to grow further.
HQuick processing of sale transactions with multiple payment modes available
Inventory Management and Control
Customer Relationship Management
Expandable through add-on components to support your business needs.

Restaurant POS

Ready to Serve. Without the Heat.
Our Restaurant POS is a reliable front-end solution designed specifically to handle the various aspects of a restaurant within a seamless integrated network. We deliver beyond your expectations with a product that is fast, highly flexible and extremely manageable.
Centralized Data Management
Process orders for Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery.
Ability to assign tables (Dine-in) and riders (Delivery)
POS front-end at restaurant for processing payments